Little Acres

Little Acres is the passion project of vocalists Rachel Lightbody, Cariss Crosbie, and Emilie Boyd. Their mutual love of adventurous harmony, subtlety, beauty in music, and collaborative music-making brought them together on the thriving Glasgow contemporary music scene in 2017 and it’s been a union of three kindred musical souls. Their sound is tinged with flavours of indie, alt-pop, neo-folk, neo-soul, contemporary jazz, and past decades. However, it is the power female vocal harmony which takes centre-stage, and is at the core of their sonic identity. “Sublime” — Roddy Hart “Little Acres are that very rare and precious thing - equal parts genius level talent and beautiful brilliant humans." — Kathryn Joseph "No one is doing what Little Acres do quite so magically" —Pedro Cameron, Man of the Minch "They bring the goods on and off stage!”— Tom McGuire and the Brassholes