Mothers Big Day In

Takes place on Sunday the 14th of March(Mothering Sunday) At 20:00. An evening of music and lightheartedness Hosted By Kevin Macleod and Jemima Spence.


Satellite10 are a 4 piece band who love to cover classics, with a few surprises thrown in!

EWAN MACFARLANE formed and fronted Glasgow band The Grim Northern Social  he is a singer-songwriter born, bred & based in Scotland.His music is of the classic design,. in the mould of Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.

Formed in 2016, Jumbo Gibson are a rock band from the city of Glasgow in Scotland, UK. They write & record music that is crafted in the same mould as the classic British & American music they play live at festivals and venues around the country. 

DopeSickFly  Ant Thomaz & Joe Djaelani met while street performing.  They started etching a sound by dipping into a collective of genres such as funk, acid jazz and world, then blending their soulfull harmonies in the mix they emerged reflecting life in a positively upbeat feel good vibe.

Isla Macdonald, is a young singer/songwriter  from Coalburn South Lanarkshire. For as long as she can remember she has loved music. She has been writing her own material for 8 years. This has allowed her to express herself through something she truly loves.

Host Kevin Macleod By day he is ‘normally’ director, writer, singer and performer with family show FUNBOX (and before that The Singing Kettle) but by night he turns his hand to compering and hosting for events such as Celtic Connections and the recent CCM Live. He lives in Perthshire with his wife Traci and his dog Lottie.

Host Jemima spence  is an actress from Glasgow originating from the Orkney Islands. She’s appeared in countless Scottish Independent films from comedies, action to gritty dramas. Her latest film Holiday Monday has just been snapped up by an American distributor set to grace the screens across the American market seeing her play an assassin for hire with an outstanding skill set as a sniper. 

Having lived in Glasgow since she was 17, her love of the music scene here sees her at gigs across all the small venues of the city experiencing the vast raw talent of up and coming artists. As she says, “All the big artists want to play here so I’ve been lucky enough to see the best of the best but it’s the underdogs that never cease to amaze me. The grit and power of the Glasgow music scene is undeniably exciting.” 



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